Leupold GX4i Rangefinder Review

long range rangefinder

Ease of Use



This a great product from Leupold. This is a company well known for the manufacture of perfect laser rangefinders. Many people liked it for several reasons and one reason it is popular is that it has an aluminum lugged body. Moreover, because it features OLED technology, it becomes easy to read the distance as well as the background and other several information that you want to know. Pin targeting, scan ability as well as a prism lock is all possible. Above all, it is possible for you to be receiving updates for distances covered.

Ease of Use

Leupold GX4i Rangefinder 4Here are some of the features you are going to like in this rangefinder, one of them is the fact that it is easy to use. It has a carry case, which makes it easier for anybody to carry it about. Because of the aluminum body, it has a rubber exterior and this makes it easy to grip. It is not difficult to use it for tournaments. It is the most functional rangefinder. It featured a bright yellow faceplate and this helps others to know what one is doing.

Pin Locating Feature

Perhaps the greatest feature that you are going to like in this product is the pin locating feature. This is referred to as PinHunter. This feature makes it easier for its users to calculate the distance of specific targets like flagsticks. It does this by simply filtering out the readings. This reading is always very accurate and this is one of the reasons it is becoming the most popular choice for golfers. This property makes it suitable for all different golfing targets.

Obtaining Accurate Reading

3If you are looking for a product that can guarantee accurate reading anytime you use it, you should opt for this rangefinder. It is rated high for this feature. It can obtain distance reading accurately from 450 to 800 yards and this can be done under optimal conditions. It is not difficult to get the distance reading, because it is always displayed through OLED displays. The display can be seen as fast as 8 seconds after the action has been completed.

Durable and reliable

When you are looking for a rangefinder, one of the features to look out for is whether it is reliable and durable. This is the most reliable rangefinders on the market. It does not only ensure consistent and accurate reading, it is durable as well. The body is built with rugged aluminum material and that is why it is scratch free. It can be used in rough places without exercising any fear that it would be destroyed. It is an improvement of the previous product from the same company.


  • It looks Good
  • OLED display, this makes for an accurate reading
  • It has fantastic features, which would make you enjoy the product
  • It is accurate


  • It is highly priced
  • It features a distracting blinking when there is a distance reading.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why is it difficult to read the OLED displays?

A: The OLED is displayed in dim and it is not that clear OLED display you are known to

Q: What is the battery life?

A: The battery can last for a long time