Bushnell Team Primes the Truth ARC Bow Mode Laser Rangefinder, 4 x 20mm Review

Dual Mode Rangefinder

Ease of Use



If you are a starter golfer and you need the perfect rangefinder that would improve your performance and your skill, you should not hesitate to use the Bushnell Team Primes, the Truth ARC Bow Mode Laser Rangefinder 4 x 20mm. This product was designed by the Team Primos and it is meant for dual purposes, which include golfing and for hunting. You are expected to get the best from this brand because it was created with the highest technology by the leading industry manufacturers Bushnell. It is created for your performance and you are going to enjoy it when you use it for your indoor games.


Here are the features that make the brand the most popular choice among novice golfers.

ARC Technology

One of the unique things that make this product great is the Angle Range Compensation also known as the ARC technology. It gives you the precise distance of your target and many products can hardly compare with this product. Furthermore, when you use it, you are going to enjoy the horizontal shoot distance ranging from seven yards to one hundred and ninety-nine yards. In the same way, you are going to achieve a perfect and fast distance measurement.

ARC Diagram for Bushnell

It Features a Bow Mode

This is of great significance. It offers better services here when compared to what you get from similar products in the market. The true horizontal distance it offers could range from anything 7 to 850 yards. Moreover, it could offer a tree range performance of up to six hundred yards. This is good for bow hunting and even golf. It can help you to target your prey easily, especially those that are close to the range. It can help golfers to make a better decision.

It Features Digital Inclinometer

Another great thing you are going to enjoy in using this great product is the featured digital inclinometer. This is unique because it helps to achieve a better and perfect measurement. It could easily measure angles that range from minus ninety to plus ninety, though it has a plus and minus one error margin or accuracy. This feature is great because it makes it easier for you to see and to target your prey right from a distance. If you want a precision shooting, you have to aim for this rangefinder.

Magnification Power

If you want a product that offers you a perfect magnification power, this is the product for you. It could offer as much as 4 x magnification power and has 20mm eye relief when you use it. You need this feature when you want to have a perfect view of objects that are close to you. You can easily have a better reading of that distance. This is a great advantage when you use it for your course. This is because it can easily help you to scan through the distance of your golf course more effectively.


In terms of design, the product is simply the best as could be seen from compact and ergonomic design. When you observe the design, you are going to discover that it is stylish and compact apart from the fact that it is ergonomic. The aim is to help golfers to maximize their performance. It does this by ensuring that those things that can distract you in the game, especially those that are related to handling discomfort are significantly minimized.


Here are some of the advantages of using this great product:

  • It offers perfect grip for effective performance
  • It is rainproof, this makes it weather friendly
  • It has great and extended battery life
  • It has a battery life indicator as well as two years of warranties.


  • Screen clutters
  • Difficulty in ranging especially in low light conditions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does it calculate an accurate drop especially if it does not know arrow FPS?

A: It does not calculate drop, it calculates horizontal distance based on its downward grade

Q: Is the angle compensation useful?

A: The angle compensation is accurate and useful. It works as described

Final Verdict

This is a great and innovative rangefinder. It is rich in features. It offers features, which are useful for novice golfers. It offers both a beginner and intermediate golfers the opportunity to master the sports and perform very well. You can become a better hunter and a precision golfer because it provides everything that you deserve to succeed.